Peter and Yolanda come from different music backgrounds. With their own original styles

they enjoy the creative process of making music together.


Soprano, Yolanda Rhodes is a native of San Francisco Bay Area. “Singing is one of the highest forms of expressions, a vehicle that allows me to broadcast the inner workings of my being. I am my ancestors, the echoes of the past and present, the environment in which I live and more. All of this has  given me the ability to sing music from a  deep and insightful place.”

Czechoslovakian born (now called Czech Republic) and U.S. based guitarist and singer/songwriter, Peter Suk grew up in the village of Zbraslav. As a teenager he studied classical guitar in Prague.  During his childhood Rock music and traditional folk songs influenced his musical sensibilities. The rugged terrain of his life experiences is what molded him into a poetic singer/songwriter. Since he moved to United States he played in numerous bands of different music genres. Studied jazz guitar with renowned guitarists Hristo Vitchev, Randy Vincent attended Berkeley Jazz school of music took classes with Mimi Fox, Brian Pardo, Dave Lefebvre and others. Privately studied recording, editing and mixing in Pro Tools and records his own albums.